Eating In Moderation: It All Starts with Hunger Pains

Eating In Moderation: It All Starts with Hunger Pains

How do you feel about hunger?  Is it something that angers you and puts you in a bad mood?  Perhaps you never get hungry because you are constantly snacking all day.  Or maybe your meals are so big that hunger never sets in.  While much of society tends to associate hunger pains with something negative, what they don’t realize is that being hungry is actually a good sign.  It means that the body is properly using the nutrients that have already been consumed, and it would like some more.

Here’s a quick look at three benefits of being hungry:

1. If you’re hungry, you probably aren’t overeating

If you get hunger pains, then this is a good sign that you are indeed hungry.  People who overeat fail to get hunger pains because they are constantly eating, or they are constantly eating too much at each meal.  Overeating comes with an array of negative consequences.  From obesity to high cholesterol to intense mood swings, you should always do your best to avoid overeating.  When you sit down to eat a meal, it’s imperative to eat for no more than five to ten minutes.  If you wait another five minutes after eating, you’ll likely start to feel very full.

2. Hunger pains come with the ability to truly enjoy the food you eat

When you eat out of boredom or as a way to cope with a stressful situation, you likely don’t enjoy the food that you put in your mouth.  In fact, you probably eat it so quickly that you can’t even recall what it tastes like.  But if you wait to eat until you are actually hungry, you’ll notice that the food tastes better.  And there’s a good chance that when you slow down and enjoy your food, you will likely eat less than you would when eating just because.

3. Your kids will eat healthier

If you have little ones in your home, it’s imperative to let them get hungry (not starving, but hungry) before they eat.  In doing this, they will be much more likely to eat the healthy food items that you set in front of them rather than ransacking the cabinets for snacks every other hour.  There’s no need for your kitchen table to be a war zone.  When everyone comes to the table truly hungry, they will eat healthier foods.

The Takeaway

Eating in moderation will lead to a variety of benefits.  From weight loss to enhanced moods to happier dinner nights with the family, there is much to be gained.  Just remember, eating in moderation starts with eating only when you’re actually hungry.  So the next time you open the refrigerator, take a moment and ask yourself whether you’re really hungry or just bored.


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