What Are You Eating, and Why?

What Are You Eating, and Why?

All humans must eat.  If they don’t have the capability to eat, then feeding tubes must be inserted so that they can acquire the proper nutrients that they need to sustain life.  And while everyone knows that eating is a factor for survival, many of us tend to take eating to a whole new level.

Instead of just eating to stay alive, we eat because we’re bored.  We eat for fun.  We eat to cope with emotions.  We eat to celebrate special occasions.  The list goes on and on.

Have you ever thought about why you eat the way you eat?  Why you make the food purchases that you make?  For a lot of us, our eating habits are influenced greatly by food manufacturers and advertisers.  We are in fact persuaded to eat more than what we need to.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing the packages that food items are sold in.  First and foremost, convenience is optimized to the max, to convince you that you do indeed have time to eat a certain food product.  There’s also the coloring of the packages that plays a role in getting you to choose certain foods.

And what about all those food sales?  Buy one package of brownies and get one free.  Do you really need two packages of brownies?  But now that you get one free, you may as well eat them, right?

Then we have the all-famous nutrition and health claims that many food manufacturers boast about.  Eat this granola bar and you’ll have energy that lasts all day.  Do you really think a granola bar is going to give you all-day energy?  Combine it with a cup of coffee, plenty of rest, 30-minutes of exercise, four to five glasses of water and three well-balanced meals, and sure, your energy levels will surely be optimal.

Whether you realize it or not, brands play a massive role in the food products that you purchase and eat.  Even if it’s the Walmart generic brand, we all have our preferences.  And these preferences tend to be so strong that you won’t eat certain products unless it’s the brand that appeals to you.

With food manufacturers investing so much time and money into persuading you to purchase their products, don’t you think it’s time for you to start investing more time (and hopefully not more money) into your food choices?  It’s time to start eating in moderation, and most importantly, it’s time to swap out unhealthy processed food products with healthy alternatives!


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